Corporate eLearning

QBS' eLearning services offer corporations a single source partner for all their training & development needs. QBS has experienced content developers, SMEs as well as programmers to help you develop quality learning & development content.

QBS' services help you change your Learning and development division from a cost center to a performance center.

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QBS' content development teams have worked with publishers to produce customer material and assessment that aligns with local standards of the region. With a combined experience of over a 100 years, our teams are spread across the US, UK, Mexico, India and the Middle East.

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Corporate eLearning

QBS partners with Learning & Development teams and helps them change from cost centers to Performance centers where they can show a clear ROI. Our IDs, SMEs and programmers help in creating interactive, eLearning content that help employees achieve their KPIs.

Custom eLearning

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Are you unsure about the right learning strategy to adopt for your organization ? QBS helps you decide the most appropriate path that would be most beneificial for your organization. Our team analyzes requirements carefully before creating a L&D plan. These plans could help you decide whether you need rapid learning courses or whether you need to adopt a more blended approach. QBS' experienced instructional designers, SMEs and programmers help you create the courses that are pedagogically correct and interactive. Click here to view our portfolio.

Rapid Authoring

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QBS' drupal based authoring tool allows you to create eLearning courses that help organizations in resolving their immediate training needs. The authoring tool generates HTML5 SCORM/TinCan packages that can be accessed on any device. This tool helps organizations in saving time and reducing costs.


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Game based learning is slowly but surely becoming the trend in corporate eLearning. A good quality gamified eLearning course requires good quality content and the right level of interactivity. This is critical as you want the user to go through the immersive experience but at the same time focus on learning the objectives of the course. QBS' experienced instructional designers work closely with the SMEs and programmers to create quality gamified eLearning courses. We have developed a number of game based courses for sales teams, to improve soft skills, and for specialized fields within healthcare.


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The capacity of consuming content among employees is gradually increasing. This creates a challenge of time. QBS' mLearning solutions helps organizations create quality mobile learning courses that are platform agnostic. QBS with a perfect blend of latest HTML5 and Java technologies and quality instructional design creates courses that help employees learn through their mobile devices from anywhere. A strong mobile based approach allows the user to learn at the comfort of his/her environment. Through analytical tools, mlearning pushes data back to the trainers that help them in understand the trainee a lot better and thus creating better courses.


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with organizations exapnding into new markets, QBS helps customize existing courses that are more appropriate to the local markets. QBS has in house translators who can convert coursese from English to Portguese, Spanish, French, German, Arabic and Mandarin. Apart from the language conversion, QBS also ensure that the courses are culturally appropriate to the region.


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